Alumni: Research Assistant in the MOILAB (2022-2023)

Keegan Pham  

LinkedIn: Keegan Pham 

2022-on | Research Associate | Carnegie Institution for Science

2020-2022Scientist I  | Ab Studio Inc.

2016-2020 | BSc in Genetics and Plant Biology  | University of California, Berkeley

Ru did a BSc in microbial biology with emphasis in computational genomics from UC Berkeley. During her undergraduate, Ru used a novel CRISPR/Cas9 multiplex editing technique to modify soybean genome, aiming to enhance the plant's immunity. In addition, she worked in diverse projects related to Staphylococcus and zebrafish genetics. She thinks of genetics as a unifying lens to examine the rich biodiversity and evolutionary history on Earth. At Moi Lab, Ru will dive into the genomics of evolving populations and develop CRISPR tools way beyond the single-gene edition, in preparation for a successful graduate school.