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Diversity Equity Inclusion Belonging

We strive to be a team of wonderful colleagues without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or age. We believe in the value of diverse thinking, in initiatives to promote inclusion, and in a caring lab culture to achieve equity.  Some resources [continuously expanded] to achieve this aim:

- Our anti-discrimination policy: 

- Reporting violations 

- General

- Changing Culture and Climate initiative of Plantae  

-  Anti-Racism resources

Important link between the origin of statistical genetics and racism (eugenics)

Important misuse of genetics research by racists

Carnegie has a dark history of involvement in eugenics research with the Genetics Department of Cold Spring Harbour. While this research was de-funded in 1939, it is important we are informed about this and denounce it. An important public statement of Carnegie President on the eugenics history:


- Women in STEM

-WISE and WISSH Groups
Mentoring groups for doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars promoting the success of women in science and engineering

Mental Health resources

- Stanford offers professional help and resources:; 

Get advice in any conflict or report violations of conduct

We denounce any kind of discrimination or violence, verbal or physical, and aim to provide resources when conflicts arise or to report misconduct. 

- Every member of our lab and community has access to independent, confidential, and impartial Ombuds: Ombuds are trained professionals who can help you from having confidential conversations about improving communication skills to reporting misconduct. 

- Again, violence of any kind, verbal or physical, is not tolerated. To make an official report go to: .