teaching & learning

Spring 2021 BIO243

Students will meet with the speaker of Friday seminars from the Department of Plant Biology in a round table to discuss frontier research in genetics and plant and evolutionary biology.

2020 El Pais con tu futuro (Español)

Moi contando a estudiantes de secundaria qué significa ser un ecólogo y biólogo evolutivo, y qué hacemos en nuestro laboratorio.

Una iniciativa del https://elpais.com

Spring 2020 Carnegie outreaching public lecture

Digital talk and conversation about our latest work on the implications of genetic evolution on climate change ecology.

Spring 2020 lab book club - Molecular Population Genetics (M. Hahn 2018 Sinauer)

Our group is reading the recent (state-of-the-art updated) book by Matthew Hahn on Molecular Population Genetics. If you are in Stanford

Winter Quarter 2020 - Fundamentals in Plant Biology Bio129/229

Module on Plant Evolution - slides | Classic paper for background (Clausen Keck & Hiesey) | Recent paper for journal club (Monroe et al.)

campus or vicinities and want to join our reading, drop Moi an e-mail