teaching & learning

Spring 2021 BIO243

Students will meet with the speaker of Friday seminars from the Department of Plant Biology in a round table to discuss frontier research in genetics and plant and evolutionary biology.

Spring 2020 Carnegie outreaching public lecture

Digital talk and conversation about our latest work on the implications of genetic evolution on climate change ecology.

Spring 2020 lab book club - Molecular Population Genetics (M. Hahn 2018 Sinauer)

Our group is reading the recent (state-of-the-art updated) book by Matthew Hahn on Molecular Population Genetics. If you are in Stanford

Winter Quarter 2020 - Fundamentals in Plant Biology Bio129/229

Module on Plant Evolution - slides | Classic paper for background (Clausen Keck & Hiesey) | Recent paper for journal club (Monroe et al.)

campus or vicinities and want to join our reading, drop Moi an e-mail