Moi Exposito-Alonso

Principal Investigator & Assistant Professor (by courtesy) of Biology
Moi aims to mentor creative scientists that apply evolutionary principles to solve global change problems

Ru Peng

Lab Technician
Ru aims to develop new genome editing and sequencing technologies and promote science communication

Lucas Czech

Postdoc and Programmer
Lucas aims to develop methods and software to understand eco-evolutionary processes under climate change

Veronica Pagowski

Biology graduate student (rotating)
Veronica aims to explore models of species adaptation to climate change in marine environments

Clara Kieschnick

Undegraduate in Biology
Clara aims to learn plant genomics and their adaptations to climate

Lisa Couper

Biology graduate student(co-advised, Mordecai Lab)
Lisa aims to investigate climate adaptation in mosquitoes, and the consequences of adaptation on disease transmission

Eva Sehr

Bioinformatics Master student
Eva aims to develop genomic vulnerability projections using deep learning algorithms

Will Viana

Biology graduate student(rotating)
Will aims to understand the multi-dimensional phenotypes explaining drought adaptation

Lauren Gillespie

Computer Science graduate student(rotating)
Lauren aims to develop deep learning methods for biodiversity modeling to understand both better!
I am always searching for talented and creative researchers, and I am happy to develop together ideas for a competitive fellowship. Just drop me a line to chat!

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Andrea Ramirez (Biology graduate student rotating Winter 20)


Andrea Ramirez (Biology graduate student rotating Winter 20)

active collaborators

Detlef Weigel @ Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany

Hernán A Burbano @ University College London, UK

Rasmus Nielsen @ University of California Berkeley, USA

Oliver Bossdorf @ University of Tübingen, Germany

Rachael Bay @ University of California Berkeley, USA

Stephen Keller @ University of Vermont, USA

Matt Fitzhpatrick @ University of Maryland, USA

Christian Rellstab @ Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Switzerland

Dmitri Petrov @ Stanford University, USA

Erin Mordecai @ Stanford University, USA

Hunter Fraser @ Stanford University, USA

Sue Rhee @ Carnegie/Stanford University, USA

Ben Blonder @ University of California Berkeley, CA, USA

José Dinneny @ Stanford University, USA

All GrENE-net consortium @rround the world