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Scenes from the Anthropocene

Members of the Moi Lab and Field Lab are creating Scenes from the Anthropocene—a video documentary of diverse voices and views on conservation from across society—with goals of (i) giving underrepresented voices a seat at discussion tables about conservation problems, and (ii) raising awareness and engaging the public in climate change biology research.

Biodiversity and evolutionary research agenda has been set by majority communities in narrow fields, but to make progress it needs to be more plural (Pascual et al. 2021). To this aim, we will invite policymakers, park rangers, Indigenous Peoples, ecologists, urban planners, and local representatives/communities for a video-documented round table discussion. Filmed, edited, and produced by Stanford Video Production, Scenes from the Anthropocene will have an opening night with an international reach, and the outreach effectiveness will be measured through pre- and post-viewing surveys. This strategy of outreach-discuss-document-educate-evaluate will serve as a template to conduct ethical conservation and increase education and engagement.

Funding for this first documentary comes from the Ethics, Society, and Technology hub (https://ethicsinsociety.stanford.edu/ethics-society-technology-hub)

Moi's public lectures

2020 El Pais con tu futuro (Español)

Moi contando a estudiantes de secundaria qué significa ser un ecólogo y biólogo evolutivo, y qué hacemos en nuestro laboratorio.

Una iniciativa del https://elpais.com

Spring 2020 Carnegie outreaching public lecture

Digital talk and conversation about our latest work on the implications of genetic evolution on climate change ecology.