Lucas Czech



twitter: @LucCzech

2020-on | Postdoc in Eco-Evolutionary Bioinformatics | Carnegie Institution for Science

2014-2019 | PhD in Computer Science & Bioinformatics | Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies & Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

2007-2014 | Diplom in Computer Science | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology & Carnegie Mellon University

Lucas is a computer scientist and bioinformatician who is interested in analyzing and visualizing biological data. His goal is to develop and apply novel methods that help biologistis and ecologists to make sense of life and nature. Hence, he focusses on algorithm and software development, with a particular interest in machine learning and high performance computing. During his studies, he also gained experience in areas such as speech recognition, cryptography, and physics. During his PhD, he worked on novel methods to analyze metagenomic data in a phylogenetic context. In the Moi lab, his first postdoc position, he wants to develop and implement new ways to integrate biological data with other sources of information such as satellite images. His goal is to help understanding the patterns and interactions that govern ecology and evolution, from mutations in DNA to transformations of landscapes, in the global context of climate change.