2022-on | Postdoc in Eco-Evolutionary Bioinformatics | Carnegie Institution for Science

2020-2022 | Postdoc in Environmental Genomics | EPFL (Switzerland)

2016-2020 | PhD in Environmental Genomics | EPFL, French Institute of Research for Development (New Caledonia, France)

2014-2016 | MSc in Molecular Life Science - Bioinformatics | University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Oliver is a bioinformatician and evolutionary biologist studying how environmental changes shape the potential for adaptation in wild species.

Oliver obtained his PhD at EPFL (Switzerland), co-hosted by the French Institute of Research for Development of New Caledonia. During his PhD, Oliver employed an environment genomics framework to investigate how hard corals are adapting to the warming ocean in coral reefs of the Southwest Pacific.

Oliver is now focusing in further developing the study of coral adaptation across wider spatial scales. Co-hosted by the Moi and Cleves labs, this investigation aims to contribute to uncover the molecular basis of stress resistance in corals, in particular against thermal stress.

Oliver is also funding member of the ManaCo network, created in 2019 to promote the implementation of innovative technologies (e.g. remote sensing, genomics) from academic research into practical marine conservation actions.